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For whom?


Parents & Babies(0-36 months)

For your baby  if he is facing behavioral or motors dysfunctions.

To keep an eye on his development milestones in case of a premature birth.

Some alerts symptoms:

  • Your baby is difficult to be held, he faces tone’s dysfunctions ( hyper/hypotonicity)
  • Your baby is late in moving: doesn’t turn, does not crawl, cannot sit down by himself, difficulties to start walking.
  • Your baby has poor interactions with his environment.
  • Your baby is not able to create social communication and build a relationship: has repetitive activities, loneliness, few gestures, poor visual contact, poor imitation skills.
  • Your baby presents a delay in his developmental milestones due to a neurological disorders, genetics syndrome, prematurity or post-natal difficulties, senses disorders ( sight, hearing), a handicap…

Children & Teenagers

For your child or teenagers if they are facing psychomotor deficit, learning disorders, emotionnal/ relationnal issues.

Some alerts symptoms:

  • Your child is heavily clumsy, bumps into furnitures, falls often…
  • He is facing great difficulties in activities involving fine motor skills (legos, dressing up, building games…)
  • He holds his pencil wrongly, could not choose with which hand to write
  • Unreadable handwriting
  • Lack of organisation
  • Time and space awareness deficit
  • Hyperactive, impulsive, always on the go
  • Inhibition
  • High potential
  • Deficit in body awareness and/or negative perception of his body due to an event or situation ( accident, traumatism, hospitalization, obesity…)
  • Learning disorders
  • Anxiety, low self-esteem.
  • Difficulties to express and manage his emotions
  • Sensory/ motor deficit (deafness, blindness, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, stroke, neurologic consequences, epilepsy…)
  • Handicap ( autistice spectrum disorders, genetic disorders, dwn syndrom, cognitive impairment..)


For yourself or someone near you facing difficulties since child hood and/ or new psychomotors impairments due to the age or an accident ( stoke, car accident, Parkinson, Alzheimer, frontal syndrom, gross motor skills deficit, dementia…)

Some symptoms to alert:

  • Handicap ( Autism, down syndrom, genetics syndroms…)
  • Loosing balance
  • Neurological disorders
  • Dementia ( Parkinson, Alzheime…)
  • Negative bodily experience
  • Sensory disorders
  • Syndrom following a fall
  • Difficulties to manage time and environment
  • Trouble des conduites alimentaires

Emilie Martin-Chave

Psychomotor Theapist / Occupational Therapy

Hygiëastraat 8, Amsterdam Zuid