Bilan psychomoteur psychomotor/ occupational therapy assessment

Psychomotor / Occupational Therapy’s Assessment

Psychomotor assessment is the starting point of the treatment. As a result, it enables the therapist to identify the struggles of the patient. Indeed, the assessment report allow us to start a treatment, to refer to another kind of therapits and/ or to share preventive advices.

The assessment is chosen according to  the patient’s difficulties and  age.


Psychomotricity, such as occupational therapy, begins with a thorough assessment to identify a person’s current abilities and struggles by using different assessment’s tools. For instance, standardized assessment and subjective activities allow the therapist to  assess the differents psychomotor functions such as:  gross and fine motor skills, bi-lateral, coordination, balance, handwriting, visual-perceptual skills, body awareness, time & space perception,  organisation, tone & posture, sensory integration, laterality.

Overall, the therapist check their patients’physical, cognitive and emotional abilities.

Psychomotor assessment tools:  

Different kind of tools are used during the assessment as of:  BHK ( To evaluate the handwriting quality and speed),  M-ABC (for fine, gross motor skills, and balance), few NEPSY item (sensori-motricity, visuo-spatial and visual attention), REY figure (visuo-spatial skills),  laterality items, body awareness questionnaire, mazes (to evaluate cognitive impulsivity), Brunet-Lezine (for developmental delays), as well as sensori integration questionnaire if needed.

The duration is flexible and depends on the patient and his impairments. However it takes usually 2 hours in one session, if age and abilities allow it.

There are 4 steps:

  1. Phone interview to understand better the referral’s reasons.
  2. 2 hours for the assessment session .
  3. Results analysis and report writing
  4. One feedback session  to explain the difficulties and determine if a psychomotor’s treatment is necessary  or if a referral to another therapist is needed (speech therapist, orthoptist, psychologist…)

As a result, it’s important to note that early screening is essential to detect any difficulties or symptoms that’s could lead to a  disorder. Early screening allows us to start an early intervention which is necessary to help the person to progress and to adapt to theirs difficulties.


Assessment : 2 hours session + analyze = 200 euros

Feedback session: 80 euros

   Emilie Martin-Chave,

Psychomotor Therapist/ Occupational Therapist

Hygiëastraat 8

1076 RM Amterdam