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Learning disorders

Learning disorders are neurodeveloppmental disorders . Those disorders are diagnosed without  the presence of senses disorders  (sight and hearing) , mental deficiency, psychiatrics issues or visible neurological disorders.

Those disorders are lasting but could be taking care of. Children with learning disorders can and do succeed.

Those children are facing difficulties to read, write, spell, count, express themselves or concentrate. Therefore, signs and symptoms are  academics learning struggles, important tiredness, behavioural issues, low self-esteem and consistent difficulties despite significant effort to succeed.  .

All life long the symptoms change and are link to the interaction between environnement’s requirements, abilities and needs of the person.

Diagnosis and early  treatment are essential to able the child to learn thanks to special adaptations.

Some listing of learning disorders:

  • Attention deficit/  hyperactivity disorders ( ADH/D)
  • Learning disabilities in motor skills ( dyspraxia)
  • Learning disabilities in handwriting ( dysgraphia)
  • Learning disabilities in writing ( Dyslexia)
  • Learning disabilities in langage ( aphasia/ dysphasia)
  • Auditory and visual processing disorders
  • Memory disabilities
  • High potentiel