Enfant-Adolescent et Psychomotricité

Children and Teenagers


During his development, a child is constantly evolving and may encounter all kinds of problems. When facing a handicap, a disorder or a traumatic event, one or more psychomotor functions could be affected. The psychomotor therapist is able to assess the difficulties and abilities of the child in differents areas (fine motor skills, gross motor skills, balance skills, visuo-motor abilities, handwriting, attention skills, inhibition …).

The assessment enable the therapist to analyze the consequences of those dysfunctions in the child’s dayly life and to elaborate a therapeutical project according to his needs.

Using various body awareness activities ( motor path, fine motor skills task, drawing, play dough, dancing, relaxation, therapeutical touch, sensori activities…), the child will experience his difficulties in a calm and benevolent environment to find strategies to get over it.

The session should enable the children to create or restore a smooth harmony between motor, emotionnal and cognitive development.

To be able to fully support their patient, psychomotor therapits works closely with families and educative team.


Teenage years are a period full of upheavals: emotional, hormonals,and  physicals. Some of teenager’s problematics raise during this time when old struggles make this time more complicated.

For instance, during this phase, the teenagers suffering from a disability/ disorder realize fully  his difference and its impact into their social life. Thus, they will have to deal with the teenager’s issues and their handicap.

During this period, some psychological disorders could appear as of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, phobia or psychiatrics disorders…

Considering that the body is in the middle of all the changes and teenagers’s issues, psychomotricity could support the person to get toward their adult life. At this time, the changes are sudden that’s why the therapy around the body should be done slowly as it’s a hypersensitive period. The psychomotor therapist supports the teenagers during the transition from a child’s body to an adult’s one.

Body awareness changes deeply and sometines the patient needs guiding and supporting to cope with all the body changes. A good and strong body awareness is essential to develop a strong self-esteem. During the session, the therapist uses games to propose different kinds of situation to experience different sort of sensori input and learn how to react to it accordingly.