Handicap, Autism, Mental deficit

Psychomotricity helps to restore a perceptivo-motor integration disturbed by a disability using different kind of methods. The purpose of the treatment will be to support the patient and his family to undertand and cope with their handicap and so allowing them to fully belong to the society.

Psychomotor theapist intervene with motor disabilities (hemiplegia, cerebral palsy…), mental disorder ( genetic syndrom, down syndrom…), behavioral disorders ( Autism, depression, agressivity…), and polyhandicap.

Using different tools to create various body experiences, psychomotricity tries to help their patients to reclaim their “bruised” body and thus develop motor and cognitive skills. The therapist uses those experiences to create relationship. The mediations used are various: motor path, relaxation, tactile therapy, play role, games…

Children & Teenagers

That’s very important to create an environment where the children will be able to experience each milestones of the development. The therapist will be here to stimulate him to impulse a motion or to help him realizing a difficult movement due to his handicap. Indeed, those experiences are essentials to develop a strong self-esteem but also to support the growth of cognitive skills. For instance, to understand spatial and time concept, the person needs to feel what does it means to be “in” something, “next to”, to wait his turn, to finsih something before starting something else…


For adults with disabilities, psychomotrcity helps to restore the body awareness, Relaxation could be a good tool to use to help fighting their fears and distress link to the handicap. Aquathearapy is a great asset to support the autonomy, and self-esteem.