Les séances psychomotor session

Psychomotor Session

If the assessment results require psychomotor session, the therapist offers a session’s readom taking into account his difficulties and timetable.

Usually, we meet once a week for 45 mn. It takes place at the practice. However, depending on availibilities, and if the symptoms requires it, home session or school session ( after upon agreement)  could be considered. In that case, intervention methods may differ slightly.

Patient’s commitment and regularity in the treatment are essential to feel fully the advantges of the session.

Sessions create a welcoming and secure environment where the person can experience his struggles in serenity. The progress will be seen slowly in his everyday life. Therefore you have to take in consideration that the treatment is long-term ( A year min)

The sessions aim to strenghten the deficiencies areas using differents kinds of games and activities as such:

  • Fine motor skills, dexterity
  • Static & dynamic balance
  • Cooridnation, dissociation, praxies
  • Time and space awareness
  • Organisation, concentration, attention

In psychomotricity, we PLAY!


80 euros for 45 minutes session.

110 euros for home or school session.

Emilie Martin-Chave

Psychomotor Therapist / Occupational Therapist

Hygiëastraat 8, Amsterdam Zuid