Emilie Martin-Chave

Since 2006, I have the pleasure to practice as a psychomotor therapist.  I am glad to try helping people getting over their difficulties/ handicap and thus discover theirs strengths and thrive in a peaceful and caring environment.

As much as I can , I try to adapt my practice according to the needs and personnality of each person. Caring, no-judjment, confidentiality and respect are my mainstay.

Always with the patient’s agreement, I usually attempt to work closely with his surroundings in order to build a coherent and harmonious therapy.I make it a point of honor to practice in a multidisciplinary environment to support them in the best conditions.

For the past ten years,  my personnal journey led me to practice mainly in Middle East ( Dubai, Cairo, Beirut, Alepppo), with local population and expatriate communities. Since September 2019, Amsterdam is my new home.

I have specialized in learning disorders, developmental milestones delays, handicap, and autism spectrum disorders from babies to teenagers.

In order to propose quality treatment, I get trained regularly and follow supervision.

Emilie Martin-Chave

Psychomotor Therapist / Occupational Therapy

Hygiëastraat 8, Amsterdam Zuid