Developmental delay

The origins of developmental delays are various. Thus, genetics syndrom, prematurity, problem around birth, motor or/and mental disabilities will first express via a developmental delay.

The origins of this delay coud be known or unknown yet. That’s the reasons why it’s primordial to take serioulsly those delay to eventually detect any disorders and start as soosn as possible the treatment. It has been demonstrated that early treatment is essential to help and support the children to develop his abilities in the best conditions.

When is there a delay ?

When your baby does not seem interested by his surroundings

Baby is difficult to hold.

He coud be very irritated

He does not put toys in his mouth

He does not move: does not return, doesn’t sit up, no crawling…

He is not able to put a toy from one hand to the other.

Doesn’t follow moving objects with his eyes.

Poor eye contact

Difficulties to stack cubes.

Not interested by construction games.

Clumsy to grasp small items

Difficulties to use cutlery

Whole of those situations are extremely stressful and create a frustration that could be expressed by extreme tantrums or / and inhibition.

Obviously, each child follow his own rythm and development path. There is a timing difference to develop each ability. Indeed, children cannot develop motor and langage skills at the same period. That’s why the psychomotro therapist, as a child development expert, is able to assess the child’s development and determine if a treatment is necessary.

Each  milestone consists of an acquisition, progression and regression phase.

Early treatment supports the parents interactions with their child and promote psychomotor awareness.